Comfortable, healthy, and sustainable: Innovative products for pet wellbeing


Comfortable, healthy, and sustainable: These were the key features of the products we supplied for dogs, cats, small mammals, ornamental birds, fish, and terrarium and garden animals. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, pet owners have been spending more time at home and paying closer attention to their four-legged companions. Animal lovers have been finding it more important than ever to ensure the healthy treatment and care of their pets. This has given a significant boost to trends that were already in evidence, including healthy pet food, comfort, digitalization, and sustainability.

Healthy animal nutrition
The line-up of foodstuffs for dogs and cats ranges from high-quality prepared food, healthy snack rewards and recipes using natural and sometimes vegan ingredients to functional food supplements to cover the specific needs of puppies or pregnant animals.
Manufacturers offer special products to accommodate the trend toward smaller dogs, which suffer from dental problems more frequently than larger dogs, for example, and need different care products, more heating paraphernalia, and food adapted to suit different age groups, given that life expectancies are generally longer.

Special products for small pets and hobby farming
Pendulum feeder systems in rodent cages encourage movement and skills in guinea pigs, rabbits and mice. Recyclable litter with no chemical additives and designed for sensitive paws ensures a comfortable home for small mammals. The increased focus on the home environment brought about by the pandemic has led to a noticeable upswing in hobby farming, resulting in a need for information, feed and care supplies for hens, ducks, quail and other yard and garden species, together with the corresponding products and services.

Comfortable and stylish products
There is also a trend towards wellness products to ensure improved comfort: Sensitive cats and dogs are protected against cold and damp with clothing to provide warmth, and cooling mats, cushions and bandanas help them cope with the heat during summer.
Cats and dogs can be pampered from head to paw with special shampoos in collapsible baths. There are also portable bidets, cat toilets made of recyclable plastic, and compostable “poop bags” for dogs. And when it comes to hygiene products, there are items for every purpose, from dust doors to carpet cleaners and odor elimination.

Active toys, training harnesses, and jogging leashes for fun and games with dogs were also on display at the event. And following a good long play outdoors, a sound relaxation trainer helps cats and dogs to calm down, especially in stressful situations such as storms and around fireworks.

Pet products are available to suit your home environment and your own means of transport: high-quality beds, modular cat furniture or aquariums serving as room dividers are available to suit every taste. In the car, stylish, scratch-resistant seat covers and hammocks take the stress out of travelling together.

Technology and smart home
In addition to products such as the technical systems you need to keep your pets well, there are terrariums, aquariums, paludariums and other habitats for fish, geckos, frogs, snakes and beetles. Control software and ambient control systems are also available for smart homes, to make it easier to look after and care for pets as well as monitoring aquariums and terrariums.

Post time: Jul-23-2021