How is the North American pet market now?

It has been almost two years since the new crown broke out on a large scale around the world in early 2020. The United States is also one of the first countries to be involved in this epidemic. So, what about the current North American pet market? According to the authoritative report released by APPA in January 2022, despite the global epidemic that has lasted for nearly two years, the pet industry is still strong. According to the report, the proportion of respondents showed that the positive impact of the epidemic on pet keeping is twice as large as the negative impact, and the impact of the epidemic on life and trade is gradually being eliminated. Overall, the North American pet industry remains strong and continues to trend upward. With the continuous changes in the world epidemic and prevention and control measures, the global pet exhibition has also begun to recover after the ice age in the early stage of the epidemic, and the market trade just needs to rebound. At present, the Global Pet Expo has also returned to the right track. So, what is the status of the Global Pet Expo this year and the current status of the North American pet industry trend?

According to the introduction of the exhibitors, this year’s exhibition has a good effect in general, mainly from North American local exhibitors, as well as some companies from South Korea, Europe and Australia. There are not as many Chinese exhibitors as in previous years. Although the scale of this exhibition is smaller than that before the epidemic two years ago, the effect of the exhibition is still very good. There are many buyers on the spot, and they stay at the booth for a long time. The exchanges are also full, and basically all major customers have come.

Different from comparing prices and looking for cheap products at the exhibition in the past, this time everyone pays more attention to quality. Whether it’s pet grooming scissors, or pet bowls, pet toys, there is a tendency to look for good quality products, even if the price is a little higher.

This Global Pet Expo has gathered more than 1,000 exhibitors and more than 3,000 different products, including many pet manufacturers and brands. The pet products on display include pet dog and cat products, aquariums, amphibians, and bird products, and so on.

Based on the attitude of pet owners to treat pets like family members, they will pay more attention to health and quality when choosing pet supplies. This year’s Global Pet Expo also has a dedicated organic and natural area to showcase such products, and the audience pays the most attention to this area.

People begin to pay more and more attention to the improvement of the quality of life and integrate pets into all aspects of life. Therefore, when we choose pet supplies suppliers, we must pay attention to choosing a reliable company who can provide high-quality products and good service.

Post time: Apr-10-2022