How much do you know about the five types of materials of dog toys?

Dogs also like a wide variety of toys, sometimes you need to keep four or five toys at a time, and rotate different toys every week. This will make your pet interested. If your pet loves a toy, it’s best not to replace it.

Toys are made of different materials with different durability. So, before you buy toys for your pet, you need to understand your pet’s biting habits and choose appropriate durable toys for it.

1. Polyethylene and latex toys are usually soft and made in various colors. Some even scream to make toys more fun. These toys are generally suitable for dogs that do not have aggressive biting habits.

2. Rubber and nylon toys are more durable and suitable for those dogs with moderate biting habits to play. Such toys often have a hole in it, which is more interesting when dogs that like to bite and bite.

3. Rope toys are generally made of nylon or cotton materials, suitable for dogs with moderate biting habits. It is especially useful for dogs that like dragging games, and this non-soft and non-hard texture also helps the dog’s dental health.

4. Plush toys are relatively soft and light, suitable for dogs who like to drag toys around, not suitable for dogs that like to bite.

5. Canvas toys are easy to clean and durable, suitable for dogs that love to bite.


Post time: Jul-31-2023