How to choose a high quality professional pet grooming scissors?

Many groomers have a question: what’s the difference between pet scissors and human hairdressing scissors? How to choose a professional pet grooming shears?

Before we start our analysis, we need know that human hair only grows one hair per pore, but most dogs grow 3-7 hairs per pore. A basic common sense is that soft hair or fibers are far more difficult to be cut down than thicker ones. If we use ordinary scissors to cut cotton fibers, we will find that the cotton filaments will be stuck between the two blades and will not be cut down. That’s why we need professional pet grooming scissors.

First of all, we can distinguish between human scissors and pet scissors from the blade. The blades of pet scissors will be more like those of human straight scissors. Because the requirements for cutting pet hair are higher than those for cutting human hair, the precision of the scissors should be higher, otherwise the dog’s hair is thinner than the human hair and may not be cut.

The second issue is the workmanship of pet scissors. Besides made of different materials, the quality of pet scissors depends largely on whether the workmanship is fine. We judge the workmanship by looking at the inner edge line. It is necessary to observe whether the mouth of the scissors is smooth, whether the guide rail is smooth, whether the ends of the scissors are smooth, whether the handle is ergonomically designed, whether the scissors are comfortable to use, and whether the fingers are comfortable in the ring, whether the edge of the ring is smooth and round, whether the position of the muffler is correct, whether the tail of the hand is firm, and whether the tip of the knife is tight when closed.

The last point is to test the feel. Of course, if the dog scissors meet all the criteria mentioned in the second point, in general, most groomers will feel comfortable when using them. But because the scissors are all handmade, there is no guarantee that the quality of each pair will be perfect. And no matter whether there is a problem with the quality of the scissors, you must feel comfortable when you use them. Because everyone’s fingers are different in shape and thickness, when different people use the same pair of scissors, the feeling of holding them in the hand will be slightly different. We just need to ensure that we feel comfortable when using them. However, when trying to feel the hand, you must pay attention that it must be opened and closed gently, because the fast speed will cause empty scissors, which will cause great damage to the edge of the new scissors. Most sellers do not  allow this behavior.1

Post time: May-12-2022