What can we get from the Pet Toys?

Diligent and active play is beneficial. Toys can correct bad habits of dogs. The owner should not forget the importance.


Owners often overlook the importance of toys to dogs. Toys are an integral part of dogs’ growth. In addition to being the best companion for them to learn to be alone, sometimes they can also correct their bad habits and help their physical and mental development. If a small toy can solve a big problem, there is no harm in letting the dog play more.

Although the owner and the dog play toys together, everyone will get to know each other better, but in the long run, the owner should let the dog get used to playing alone and reduce dependence on the owner. Dogs need different types of toys at different ages. From puppies onwards, the owner has to help them, who are full of curiosity, understand the environment and inspire their instincts, and toys are the most helpful props.

Reduce destructive force and increase exercise

Puppies are particularly energetic, and toys can kill their excess energy, reducing the damage to furniture and the owner’s clothing. Toys can also give dogs an appropriate amount of exercise, especially in the puppy stage when they are not suitable to go out. Playing toys indoors can also play a role in exercise. Some experts said that often playing with toy dogs will keep them curious about the outside world and make dogs smarter.

The quality and size are checked by the owner

Dogs are between 5 months and 9 months, which is the period of changing teeth. Therefore, they have a special need for “tooth practice”. During this period, the owner needs to give the dog appropriate teething toys. Rubber toys that hold dog treats are a great option. Secondly, cowhide bones are also common teething toys, but it is recommended to buy chewy and large chewing bones to prevent bones from getting stuck in the throat.

As the dog grows up (after 9 months), the originally suitable size toy may become smaller, and the owner needs to change the toy regularly. Some small toys, such as rubber balls and dolls, may get stuck in their throats as the dog grows up. At the same time, check whether the toys are broken, and be careful of fragments and toys that have been torn to ensure safety. Therefore, when choosing a toy, the owner should check the quality of the toy for the dog. If the toy has decorations such as beads and buttons, it may not be suitable. In addition, the safe size of the toy should be about twice the size of the dog’s mouth.

control play time

For puppies, too much or too little exercise is also a potential danger. If the dog is tired and doesn’t want to play anymore, the owner should stop in moderation, put away the toys and wait for the dog to rest, and don’t attract it to continue playing. Conversely, if the dog is not very interested in toys, food can be used as a lure at first. Remember to use puppy food when training puppies and factor that into your daily rations. If the dog has grown up, the owner can switch to snacks such as jerky for training.

some things can’t play

Mistake 1: The owner does not let go of the toy

The most common bad habit of the owner is to hang on to the dog’s appetite and always hold on to the toy. But doing so will make them lose interest in the toy. The owner can occasionally tease the puppies with toys to arouse interest, but then hand them the toys.

Mistake 2: Put toys on the table and let the dog pick them up

It is completely wrong to put toys on the table and let them take them by themselves, because it will make the dog mistakenly think that the things on the table are all allowed by the owner.

Mistake 3: It is strictly forbidden to use things that look like wires as toys

Data cables, mouse cables, waste charging cables, etc., must not be used as dog toys, it will make the dog mistakenly think that all cables are chewing and playing, which is very dangerous. In addition, the metal content in the wire may affect the health of dogs.

Dogs are very curious animals. If permitted, the owner may wish to prepare a variety of different toys to keep the dog interested in toys.

Post time: May-06-2023