Why do you need dog leash, dog collar, dog harness to walk your pets?

We all know that pet leashes are very important. Every pet owner has several leashes, pet collar, and dog harness. But have you thought about it carefully, why do we need dog leashes, dog collars and harness? let’s figure it out.

Many people think that their pets are very good and will not run around. But even so, when we walk the dogs, we still need to wear a leash, harness or collar. Because accidents can happen at any time, we must take the best measures to ensure the safety of pets and ourselves. There are really many advantages to wearing a leash and collar, or a dog harness.

The first advantage is to prevent the pets lost. Dogs are lively and active by nature, and they will run around on their own when they go out. If you take your dog out of the house without wearing a leash or collar, you may can’t find your pets when you are ready to back home. Especially those pets who like to be close to humans, such as huskies, golden retrievers, and Samoyeds, they can easily run away with someone they like. But if you put them on a leash, collar, or harness, you can prevent pets from getting lost.

Second, keep pets safe. If the dog is not wearing a durable dog leash, a good quality collar, etc., they may be in danger, such as approaching a dangerous place, bumping into a car, etc. But if the we used professional dog leash for them, when these accidents happen, we can pull the pet back immediately, which can protect the pet’s safety.

Then the pet leash can prevent pets from biting people. Even the most docile dog has moments of tantrums when they are very easy to bite passers-by or other dogs. For everyone’s safety, we must ensure that the leash and collar or harness are fastened before taking the pets out, so that the behavior of the pets can be controlled in time to avoid accidents.

Another advantage is disease prevention. Dogs like to smell everywhere, and dogs without dog leash and dog collar will smell wider range. However, this behavior is easy to spread diseases such as microscopic, canine distemper, or infection with germs. If we use a nice quality pet leash and pet harness to pets, we can restrain the behavior of them, and also prevent dogs from contracting diseases or damaging public or other people’s property due to urination.

The last point is to prevent unwanted pregnancies in pets. When dogs are in estrus, if they go out without wearing dog leashes, harness or collars, it is easy to mate with other dogs, and they may also be infected with other dogs’ diseases. If we walk them with a strong dog leash, we can reduce these things and reduce unintended pregnancies in dogs.https://www.forrui.com/nice-quality-a…ive-dog-collar-product/

Post time: Apr-26-2022